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Beautiful Mosques HD Wallpapers

Mosque is a place of worship for followers of Islam, usually having one or more minarets and often decorated with elaborate tracery and texts from the Koran. Mosque is called Masjid in Persian. Mosques originated on the Arabian Peninsula, but are now found in all inhabited continents. Many mosques have elaborate domes, minarets, and prayer halls, in varying styles of architecture. The mosque serves as a place where Muslims can come together for prayer (salat) as well as a center for information, education, and dispute settlement.


If you are muslim and love islam religion then here we have sorted top 25 beautiful mosques hd wallpapers. We have best collection of Islamic wallpaper, muslim wallpaper, islam wallpaper and mosque wallpaper for desktop, laptop, pc, iphone, ipad and mobile in high resolution. Please check our sharp and crystal clear beautiful mosques wallpapers below which spread beauty on your desktop and mobile screen. All masjid wallpaper download are available in high quality different resolutions which best fit for your desktop and mobile. Download any beautiful mosques desktop wallpaper from below collection just by click on any wallpaper to see its full size. After it, right click on it and save wallpaper or set as desktop background image. Please let us know your views about beautiful mosques hd wallpapers by dropping your comments below.

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Beautiful Mosques HD Wallpapers











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