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Gouldian Finch Bird Wallpaper 10

Gouldian Finch Bird Wallpaper

Gouldian finch bird also known as Lady Gouldian finch and rainbow finch, is a colourful passerine bird endemic to Australia. Males will have a brighter and darker color of purple on the chest and the yellow of the belly will be darker and more intense than the female. Lady Gouldian finch female has more subdued colors on her chest, belly and back. The female’s beak will turn from a pearly white to black when she is in breeding condition. Natural breeding occurs November to April / December to March. Clutch sizes ranging from 4-8 egg. The young will will hatch after 12 to 14 days with young fledge at around 21 days. The Lady Gouldian finch measures about 5 inches from head to tail. Many mutations and suspected mutations exist in aviculture, including: red head, yellow head, black head, purple breast, white breast, lilac breast, blue body, seagreen, yellow body or sex-linked pastel, dilute-backed, Australian yellow, blue breasted, cinnamon, lutino, Fallow or red-eye, and dark factor .


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Gouldian Finch Bird Wallpaper

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