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Tiger Tank Wallpaper 20

Tiger Tank HD Wallpapers

Tiger tank was German heavy tank of World War Two which was very heavily armoured and carried powerful weapons on board. The Tiger I was the first German combat tank to be fitted with overlapping road wheel suspension which gave the tank very good weight distribution. The first Tigers were fitted with two types of tracks – a 20.5 inch track for travel and transportation and a 28.5 version for combat. Only 1,347 were built between August 1942 and August 1944. Production was phased out in favour of the Tiger II. The Tiger 2 was the successor to the Tiger I, combining the latter’s thick armour with the armour sloping used on the Panther medium tank. The tank was given its nickname “Tiger” by Ferdinand Porsche, and the Roman numeral was added after the later Tiger II entered production. Today, only a handful of Tigers survive in museums and exhibitions worldwide.


If you are fan of war tank and army tanks then below we have sorted top 20 battle tanks wallpapers for desktop and mobile in high resolution. We have best collection of tiger 1, tiger 2 and german tanks wallpaper. Please check our sharp and crystal clear king tiger desktop wallpapers below which bring action to your desktop and mobile screen. Download battle tanks hd wallpaper from below collection just by clicking on any wallpaper to see its full size. After it, right click on it and select “Save image as..” or set as desktop background image.

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Tiger Tank HD Wallpapers

Tiger Tank Wallpaper 1

Tiger Tank Wallpaper 2

Tiger Tank Wallpaper 3

Tiger Tank Wallpaper 4

Tiger Tank Wallpaper 5

Tiger Tank Wallpaper 6

Tiger Tank Wallpaper 7

Tiger Tank Wallpaper 8

Tiger Tank Wallpaper 9

Tiger Tank Wallpaper 10

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